Matanya Ophee (matanya) wrote,
Matanya Ophee

1861 guitar by Johann Gottfried Scherzer

I got this guitar in 1988. the amazing thing was, and still is, that this guitar, made in 1861, i.e., sounds and plays better that most modern day's marvels by the leading makers active today. It is not only my personal estimation, but it is shared by many guitarists who came through my house and got to play it.

1861 guitar by Johann Gottfried Scherzer

I also had the good fortune to hear people playing excellent replicas made by both Richard Bruné and Gary Southwell, and without question, they were superb instruments. But I got tired of makers wanting to come to the house and copy the instrument. So I asked Gary Demos to make these set of construction plans, and now access to the instrument is available to anyone, without having to come to my house...

I do not expect that this design paradigm, initially imagined by Luigi Legnani in the early 1820s but successfully displaced in Central Europe by the Torres design in the early 1920s, will make a complete comeback and take over. But I do suspect that it will earn a respectable place and finally be recognized for its superiority.
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