Matanya Ophee (matanya) wrote,
Matanya Ophee

I have never been married so long!

Today, 25 years ago, Margarita and I got married. It was a small event, on a bridge in the garden in front of Newton City Hall in Newton, MA. The entire wedding party consisted of my late sister-in-law Larisa, Peter Päffgen, Brian Jeffery, Leif Christensen and Maria Kämmerling. After the wedding, we all piled into cars and drove to Quebec City, to the GFA festival, where I gave my first lecture on the Russian guitar, with music examples played by Leif and Maria. Can't think of a better way to have a honeymoon...

OH, yes, the day before the wedding, my guests helped me to mail to the pre-publication subscribers, several hundred of them, the newly printed copies of the first volume of the Pujol Escuela Razonada, which was translated by Brian. It was late and the post office was already closed, so we filled up all the Newton street mail boxes we could find.

I have a wonderful photograph of the event, but Alas, my scanner is broken today. I will post it later when it is fixed. Now fixed.
From left to right: Peter Päffgen, Margarita, Brian Jeffery, Maria Kämmerling and Leif Christensen. I am not in the picture, because I took it. Not the best example of my superb photographic skills... I have a better one some place. UPDATE: Just got from Peter a couple of pictures which he posted on here..
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